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mi-primer-raquetaCoach Claudio began his love of tennis at the age of 7.

As a ranked junior, he spent:

1)_9 years playing interclubs at GEVP in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2)_3 years at Arquitectura, Buenos Aires, Argentina; where he started coaching juniors.

3)_In 1995 spent 6 months in Club de Tenis Valencia, Valencia Spain; coaching juniors and adults.

This experiences laid a solid foundation of learning and practicing his lifelong passion for tennis. He is a certified member of the United States Professional Tennis Association(USPTA) where he continues to learn and stay current with the game today.

Coach Claudio is teaching at Scottsdale Ranch Park (SRP) and spent the last 3 years building his weekend junior tennis clinics in the Scottsdale area. He offers private, semi-private, group lessons, competitive juniors as well as adult groups.

Coach Claudio passion keeps improving players of all levels by utilizing hands on instruction, video analysis and conditioning.